Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I have been taking my morning medecine. Putting on some sedative on my blisters in my mouth, and connected a bag of food to my feeding tube.

I was really really tired yesterday around 22. I usually don't get tired that early. I didn't do anything special from what I can remember. But I slept all night. Uninterrupted. That feels good. I slept in my bed last night, and moved to the tv room couch at... 5:30 maybe.

It is quite convinient having food automatically pump into you. But it is also a little boring. Because I am stuck with this thing for a short while. And it doesn't taste anything.

Some people have actually asked me if they come in different flavors. I've asked back if they are serious. I am pumping the food directly into my stomach. It comes in one taste and it is called *blehh*

I hate thinking about the day when I can't eat anymore. Everyone else try to comfort me by smiling and saying "it is going to be OK", or "it is good for you".

Yeah, try taking away food in your life. When you really really feel like eating. But then you have a large tumour in your mouth that cannot be removed.. hm

I think sometimes I am pretty spoiled. I have got  pretty good electronics lab. But don't know what to do. Lots of games, but not much lust to play them. Got lots of medication for free, free healtcare. Etc etc. Still I complain.

Today I'll see if my Neato will work as intented. Or if it will be lazy and take his never ending break from work. It will be interesting to see if it stops exactly after 47min as well, since it almost always stops in the same location everytime.
I know, I am obsessed by troubleshooting electronics.

I did alot of troubleshooting at work. But then we had access to everything from hardware level circuit diagrams to the source code. But even if we had that it could be difficult to find what caused an error sometimes.

Also, going to the dentist at 11:20.
I will have to ask them if they do home visits aswell.

Now I am tired again. Can't keep my eyelids open. I go into autosleep mode. Almost like narcolepsia I think. Suddenly I am just sleeping.... Zzzz

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