Thursday, 13 August 2015

Eating and anime or Rocksmith

I feel how it gets more and more difficult to eat everyday.

My teeth grinds against my tounge now so it hurts. Or I bite in my tounge as other people wants it to be. But infact grinding and biting ate two different things. And since it is my tounge,  it is grinding not biting.

I don't know what to do to make me feel happier about now. There's no painkillers that really removes that pain. The OxyNorm doesn't give me these uplifting kicks anymore. Sometimes I get small happy moments where I feel I get motivation. That can easily be ruined by anything.

The others probably will eat breakfast soon. :/ I feel sad.

I took some oxynorm for the pain in my tounge but it doesn't seem to work. It just made me sleepy instead.

I also tried sitting down and relax with an Anime. Roujin Z. But it was completly impossible. The OxyNorm just made me tired. I seriously have to quit taking that.

Roujin Z seemed to be very good. But I got interrupted every single minute. Broken lamps in my bathroom and my mother kept asking about that lamp, my Neato vacuum cleaner getting stuck in the carpet. I said it is nothing to worry about. Just leave it. The neato takes care of itself, or it should atleast... otherwise it is faulty. My old one never got stuck in the carpet. I know the carpet folds when it runs on a corner, just leave it alone. I didn't watch many minutes of the anime at all. I had to run around helping with things. So I just turned it off. I can't relax now.

It irritating because I am stuck in my feeding tube getting my nuitrition. I have to paus and remove it before I go somewhere.

I had put away my cables on a table. But one was hanging down and got stuck and it pulled down a nest of wires on the floor.

I hate when I feel this tired. And I keep forgetting if I have taken my cortison or not. Even if I have a list where I do marks. I can't remember.

I will try playing some Rocksmith now instead. I do not want to sleep.

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