Friday, 7 August 2015

Chips dip and candy and Galenskaparna & Aftershave

I feel very good right now. I need to take breaks from that Battlestar Galactica game. I'm not really used to play such complicated games. But I've heard it is good among players who do play games like that. I am currently playing 4 players alone just to figure out the rules. Hopefully it is much more fun with others :)

And I have always wanted to play a little bit more complicated games. But finding people that wants to play them with me is difficult. I am interested in the WoW board game.
But now I'll have candy, chips and dip and Galenskaparna & Aftershave on TV. One of my favorite swedish comedians. I feel no worries about my cancer. I just feel good. I love it when i feel like this.

I also had to fix the stupid dimmers that is installed in the this house. I had an old switch from a broken soldering station that I used.
The dimmers was some cheap crap. I never used my lights in the ceiling because of that. Lights were constanly flickering. I am quite certain that this is not a good installation. But I need to remove that flickering light. It is impossible to play baordgames under that flickering light.

I will probably buy real light switches tommorrow.... atleast I installed a fuse :) And I did get chocked once. But only in my fingertip.

I really  tried keep watching the anime I started yesterday this morning and not let anything interrupt me. But I still feel it is difficult to follow the plot completly.

The best animes I've seen are Golden Boy, Genshiken and Metropolis. Alot of animes are so "random", difficult to follow. I am not superhuge anime fan. I was into anime a lot when I was a teenager and Sailor Moon was on TV. I was HOOKED. I wanted more anime, but it was so difficult to find in Sweden. And if I could find one (VhS back in those days) they were so expensive. Up to 200 SEK for a VHS with one or two episodes. It was crazy.
Now the DVD"s that I bought was from 5 SEK to 10 SEK.

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