Saturday, 8 August 2015

Fell asleep

Yesterday when I was watching TV, eating candy and snacks. I just fell asleep sitting up. I was so tired. My cat Simson woke me up now, he wanted to go out. He is always up early, so I have to go up as well. But I like being up early and taking some food through my feeding tube while being half asleep.

Today I have a little bit of pain in my neck, but that is probably because of the position I was sleeping in yesterday.

I'll keep watching Paranoia Agent anime today. This time I really tried keeping my concentration on the anime and not on my phone. But I still think it is a little bit difficult to understand what is going on in this anime. Like with so many others. The few animes that I really like are much more easy to understand, like Genshiken and Golden Boy. I want to find more anime like that.
But still Paranoia Agent seems like a good anime. I think I will watch some of these animes again.

I'm also really happy that I have a new Neato vacuum cleaner that is working.

I did this really difficult lesson in Rocksmith yesterday. Switching between the three upper strings. I could never finish it. For some reason, Rocksmith just crashes and shuts down after playing some time. But I probably was playing for hours, I don't keep track of time.
My fingers are starting to get used to playing guitar now :)

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