Thursday, 6 August 2015

They gave me a new Neato XV Signature Pro

So, I never found out what was wrong with the old one. Not worth fixing maybe. Maybe it was sent back to the R&D to figure out what is wrong with it so they finally can make a new firmware to fix some bugs, who knows. :)

Anyway, now it is standing in the charger for a day. My first Neato I started only after a few hours, but it said in the manual to charge it for at least 12 hours.

I had some problem ripping off some sticky plastic in the dirt bin compartment. I hate it when some of the glue get stuck on the plastic. Almost impossible to remove. Some stuff disolve in oil and others in water. I guess this glue dissolves in oil so I used some oil to remove leftover glue. I just hope now I didn't do anything stupid now.

I also need to register this new one on Neato Robotics website also. I can do that later.

It was good that they gave me a completly new one. Because now I have some extra magnetic stripes and filters. That is good :) Hope this one will work.

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